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  • Source Code

    Having access to the engine's source code is essential when working on a complex project. With a license to Torque 3D, you can rest easy knowing that the engine is fully customizable to suit your team's needs.


    TorqueScript is a fast, easy to use C++ like scripting language that ties the various elements of a project together. Most game functions can be programmed in TorqueScript. Engine additions such as physics or intense AI coded in C++ can be called from script.

    TorqueScript features:

    • Object-oriented programming

    • Transparent interconnection with external C++ objects

    • Built-in fast 3D math (vectors, matrices, and quaternions with all corresponding functions)

    • Well-documented standard library

    3rd Party Middleware

    Torque is built with an abstracted C++ Physics API with the ability to be integrated with major 3rd party physics libraries. PhysX is included out of the box for Windows users, but teams can implement whatever physics engine they choose.

    Torque also has a C++ Sound API with sample integrations for world-class 3rd party sound libraries such as FMOD. By default, Torque uses the OpenAL and XAudio sound libraries which support a wide range of features. These include 2D Sound, 3D Sound, Streaming Sound, and more.

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