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  • Powerful & Flexible

    Torque 3D includes a powerful rendering system well-suited to photorealistic simulations as well as custom artistic styles. The Torque 3D renderer includes modern shader features including per-pixel dynamic lighting, normal and parallax occlusion mapping, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, and more.

    Torque 3D's post-effects provide advanced rendering functionality to push the visual limits of the scene. Post-effects allow light rays to shine through windows and eyes to glow in dark caverns. With color correction, an artist can create a visual effect such as adding a sepia tone to provide an old-time feel to the scene.

    Rendering Highlights

    Modern shader features are supported by the Torque renderer:

    • Per-pixel dynamic lighting

    • Normal & parallax occlusion mapping

    • Reflections

    • Scattersky system for sun, stars and skies

    • Powerful fire, smoke, and explosions particle systems

    • Extensible shaders (GLSL / HLSL)

    • CustomMaterials system with support for parameter's hierarchy

    • And much, much more!

    Post Effects

    Torque 3D also includes a number of post-processing effects on Windows to make your products look even more impressive.

    • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

    • Depth of Field

    • Light Rays

    • Lens Flare/Corona Effects

    • Refraction

    • Glow

    • Blurring

    • Color Correction

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