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  • Sculpting Terrain

    Torque 3D allows your team to create new terrains directly inside the engine. Using the world editor, designers can raise and lower sections to create mountains and valleys.

    Combined with the river and road editors, level designers can create complex beautiful environments.

    In addition to the ease of creating landscapes, artists can literally paint textures onto the terrains.

    Painting Forests

    With the forest editor, you can populate your levels with trees and foliage as quickly and easily as painting textures onto the terrain.

    Select your object and the size of the area and begin painting trees and plants!

    Texture Blending

    Torque 3D provides the tools to blend and smooth textures between detail levels, optimizing the visual scene while playing to allow lower-resolution on distant objects and highly detailed textures for close-up viewing.

    GIS Data

    The simulation industry and large-scale training simulations often need to use Geological Information Survey data. These datasets can be imported into Torque 3D as heightmaps to represent large-scale real-world terrains.

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