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    Sickhead Games

    Torsion is a powerful development environment for creating TorqueScript based games and mods.

    Versions Indie vs Commercial? Price

    Introducing Torsion, a powerful development environment for creating TorqueScript based games and mods.

    Created by dedicated Torque developers, Torsion will maximize your productivity when working on your project based on the Torque line of game engines (including Torque 3D). Unlike other editors, Torsion solely targets TorqueScript development to ensure a focused tool without features for other engines getting in your way.

    If you haven't tried Torsion and have been using TorqueScript you've been missing out. Try out the Torsion demo today and jump start your Torque project!

    Users familiar with other modern development environments will feel right at home using Torsion. Torsion has everything one would expect in a modern IDE:

    • Project centric MDI design with a familiar and intuitive user interface.
    • Advanced editor features like code folding, line wrapping, auto-indent, column marker, automatic bracket matching, and visible display of tabs and spaces.
    • Customizable syntax highlighting for TorqueScript.
    • Unlimited undo/redo buffer.
    • Goto line and text searching.
    • ScriptSense updated dynamically as you type.
    • Smart project tree view allows for file manipulation and automatically updates as new files are added.
    • Code browser window for exploring both engine exports and script symbols in your project.
    • Integrated "One Click" script debugging.
    • Full control over script execution via step and break commands.
    • Conditional breakpoints.
    • Call stack and watch windows allow you to fully inspect and change the running game state.
    • Remote console for executing commands in your running game.
    • Complete editor state saved between project sessions including open files, breakpoints, and variable watches.
    • Can be easily copied and run from a flash drive.
    • Written entirely in C++ making it fast and efficient with a small memory footprint.
    • Pentium III 500
    • 128 MB RAM
    • Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
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