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    GarageGames Zombie Art Pack

    GarageGames Studios

    The art team at GarageGames® has designed this pack to provide you with the ability to create a near unlimited number of unique Zombie characters.

    This art pack was designed to specifically give Torque 3D? developers the basics of what all modern day video games need: ZOMBIES!

    We’ve designed this art pack to be modular and allow you to mix and match to create your very own Zombie. This art pack is intended to be used with Torque 3D? 1.1. The .max and .fbx files of the Zombie model are included for artists to use and modify to fit their needs. The core of the Zombie Art Pack is a set of pre-made Zombie models, Zombie pieces, Torque script files, UV normal, Diffuse, and Specular maps for the various environments.

    The art team at GarageGames? has designed this pack to work efficiently in a network environment, providing three levels of detail to ensure that your games look as great as possible while maintaining a consistent and reliable multiplayer experience.
    The Zombie Art Pack? includes five pre-made Zombie models and animations in .max and .fbx formats. There are a variety of normal, diffuse, and specular UV maps for each of the zombie models.

    We have included the 3D Studio Max files for artists to use to create their own Zombie variations. Using these files, artists will also be able to see how we have structured our models and textures to get a strong grasp on the art workflow from Max to Torque 3D?.

    In addition to the 3D Studio Max files, we have included the FBX files so people using other software can have the mesh data available to rig and animate as needed using their chosen digital content creation application.

    The Zombie Art Pack includes 3D Studio Max files for 2010, 2011, and 2012. It also includes FBX files for version releases 2010, 2011, and 2012. The Zombie Art Pack also includes the .dds textures for the UV and specular maps. The Zombie_0X.cs, and materials.cs files are also included. These files can quickly and easily be dropped into existing Torque 3D missions.

    The pack also includes a materials.cs, Zombie_Idle_0X.cs, Zombie_Run_0X.cs, Zombie_Walk_0X.cs, Zombie_Attack_0X.cs, and Zombie_Death_0X.cs script files for the Zombies’ animations.
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