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  • Support

    When you purchase Torque, you join more than 150,000+ users creating games and sharing their knowledge with each other. You're granted access to the private forums for each product you own, where you'll find your eager answers for all your questions from the developer team behind TorquePowered.com and the Torque community alike.

    Docs & Resources

    To get started with Torque all on your own, visit the Documentation hub for the product you own. Here you'll find dozens of tutorials (written and video), reference materials for both Torquescript and the engine source, and resources to extend Torque thousands of different directions to best suit your project.

    Submitting Bugs

    If you're already using Torque, and you've run into an issue you can't resolve on your own or in the forums, please use our Bug Submission form to help us track known issues.

    Paid Support

    If you need more than our fast (and free!) support outlined above, we also offer custom support tailored to your project on either an hourly (minimum 1 hour) or contract basis. Our hourly rate is $250. We'll provide a quick evaluation of your issue(s) and either a solution or prescription for success. Please use the Paid Support form to enlist dedicated expert help for your project.


    www.twsanpi.cn offers on-site and off-site instruction in Torque. These courses can be tailored to your team's needs, or targeted at general proficiency with Torque. All courses are taught by industry recognized experts with experience in game design, development, and instruction. Off-site instruction starts at $9900. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more.

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